Things to Know About Jiaogulan Tea Ginseng Comparison

While discussing about Jiaogulan tea ginseng similarities
and differences you must have brief information about Jiaogulan tea.

 Jiaogulan as immortality herb

 Jiaogulan tea is an herbal tea found in the valleys and
mountains of China and several other Asian countries. For the people who
believe in the power of Jiaogulan tea, it is also considered to have power of
immortality to great extent. Fairy herb, southern ginseng and sweet tea vine
are some of the other names of this climbing vine found abundantly in the
southern parts of China. This vine comes from the family of melons and

 Earlier the leaves of this vine were used as food ingredient and
were used as sweetener as well as eaten as salad or individually. Later on
people started using them as tea which has slightly sweet and bitter taste. But
this tea was quiet healthy as it was caffeine free. The rejuvenating
properties of this tea compelled people to call Jiaogulan as an immortality
herb as it helps in boosting the cardiovascular health of your body along with
reducing stresses. It has been classified as an Adaptogen by several health
experts dealing in herbal medicines as it benefits your body without causing
any imbalance or harm to it.

History of using Jiaogulan as medicine

 The description of Jiaogulan in traditional Chinese medicines
was first found in the history of the Ming Dynasty when it was used to treat
peptic ulcers by folks. Later on it was not widely used in traditional Chinese
medicines but people living in the Guizhou Province believed that Jiaogulan tea
helps in increasing their life span as they consider it as an anti-aging herb.
Though no scientific evidence about its anti-aging feature is available till
date but still it is used as an effective drug for various health problems.
Today Jiaogulan tea is considered effective in treating various respiratory
conditions including chronic bronchitis, cough and colds.

 Jiaogulan as a tonic herb

 According to the advocates of Jiaogulan one can lower his blood
sugar levels and improve blood circulation with this natural tea. It has been
proved through various studies that Jiaogulan can encourage your liver to
convert more carbohydrates and sugar into energy instead of triglycerides which
in turn helps in reducing your cholesterol levels. It was also found effective
in treating the problem of non-alcoholic fatty liver in many cases in 2006.
According various researches it has also helped in lowering the levels of
triglycerides, liver fat and insulin resistance along with the body mass
indexes. Researchers are also testing cancer fighting properties of Jiaogulan
these days as recently they have noticed that it can help in blocking the
changes in cells required for the growth of tumours.

 Comparison between Jiaogulan tea and ginseng

 Some of the health experts consider Jiaogulan tea as an
effective substitute of Ginseng herb which is used in a number of medicines in
China. But there are several points of difference between the effects of the
two herbs. In fact there is difference in chemical composition of both the

Jiaogulan contains a natural detergent like chemical known as
Saponins which helps in reducing cholesterol by binding with your bile acids.
It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer in colon. According to various
experts chemically Jiagulan and ginseng are similar but Jiagulan contains more
saponins than ginseng.

 On the other hand ginseng is used in various Chinese
medicines to treat the problems of insomnia, stress, flu and cold along with
improving memory and concentration as well as physical endurance and stamina.
It is also used as stimulant in allopathic medicines.

Though the advocates of Jiaogulan consider it as an effective
substitute of ginseng as most of their benefits are similar but still some
health experts do not consider them identical as many chemicals found in
ginseng are not found in Jiaogulan tea.

So, if even after going through Jiaogulan tea ginseng comparison
you want to try Jiaogulan tea then you should first talk to your health care
professional as he can handle the situation if any adverse effect is
experienced by you. You should use herbal medicines containing Jiaogulan under
his supervision or a trained herbalist. Though it does not have many side
effects but its overdose can cause increase in bowel movements and nausea.

Treatments for adrenal fatigue that can prevent this condition

If you are feeling tired, stressed or having difficulty in falling asleep then this may be because of adrenal fatigue. This condition is due to a group of symptoms that are caused when people are under long term mental, emotional or physical stress which can be because of different factors. This condition is also caused when the adrenal glands are not working effectively and it can also lead to chronic fatigue. Apart from tiredness, this condition also involves physical and emotional exhaustion. This can reduce the cortisol levels significantly and hence it can cause severe fatigue and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. These symptoms can be extremely deliberating and hence it is very important to find the best treatment so that this condition can be treated effectively. 
What is Adrenal Fatigue
Adrenal fatigue is a very serious condition in which individuals feel tired and feel lack of energy. This is caused due to the stress in everyday life and it can even lead to severe depression and other critical conditions. Majority of adrenal fatigue sufferers experiences tiredness, muscle weakness, weight gain, dizziness, difficulty in falling asleep and feeling tired. The severities of these symptoms may vary from one person to another. But the main cause of adrenal fatigue is due to inadequate sleep and hence it is very important to get proper sleep to recover from this condition. The people suffering from this condition may also experience tiredness even after sleeping for a long duration of time. This condition is characterized by extremely high levels of cortisol and adrenaline which tends to disrupt the normal cycle of the cortisol levels. This can also cause permanent alertness which will prevent people from falling asleep or having a comfortable sleep. 
How To Treat Adrenal Fatigue
Treatment for adrenal fatigue are based on a variety of botanical and nutritional substances which includes adaptogenic herbs and some specific vitamins that are very effective in treating adrenal fatigue. These vitamins include vitamin B1 and B6, ascorbic acid, B12 or methylcobalamin, amino acid tyrosine and coenzyme forms of vitamin B5 or Panthethine. There are other treatments for this condition that needs to be done when the adrenal glands are not working in the proper manner. This treatment is cortisol imbalance therapy in which a combination of natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used in conjunction with fitness and nutrition plan that are customized according to the needs of different individuals. To ensure positive energy and minimizing of stress level on adrenal system, low glycemic diet should be consumed which consists of sufficient amount of protein and fat. Simple carbohydrate and sugar can put stress on adrenal glands and hence it should be avoided as it shifts the blood sugar levels rapidly. But if an adrenal fatigue sufferer’s switch to vegetables and proteins then it helps in maintain the blood sugar level so that it can be stable. It also prevents exertion of extra stress on the adrenal glands. But there are instances when this fatigue becomes chronic and it needs to be treated with few lifestyle modifications and proper adrenal support. 

Bee Pollen Pills

Bee pollen pills are made from pollen that has been turned into powder and used as the basic ingredient.    They come in two forms, tablets and capsules. Both are convenient to take, come in already measured doses and all you have to do is simpl   y take them with a bit of water or juice.    You can take them any time of the day and they are easy to carry with you.
The Difference Between Bee Pollen Tablets And Capsules    Many people wonder which is better, tablets or capsules.    The truth is that it is difficult to say simply because there are so many different things that go into a good pollen supplement.  If you were to lay a tablet and a capsule next to each other it is obvious to see that the tablet has other ingredients besides pollen powder, as the tablets need something to hold them together. Therefore, you are keenly aware that you need to know what else those tablets contain.
Capsules on the other hand have the powder poured inside a capsule which may fool you into believing that the substance in the capsule is pure which may or may not be the case.
 Some companies do add other powder substances to their pollen capsules. So, what it all comes down to is that you should care as much about the contents of the capsules as you do the tablets.
Here are just some of the things that you need to consider.    Where Does The Product Itself Come From?    While you may not think that the area where pollen product comes from has any importance, the fact is that it is vitally important to your health.    Bee pollen comes from hives all over the world, including areas where there is high pollution. This could mean that it contains toxins and chemicals that are not good for you or your body.    Look for bee pollen pills that come from areas having little pollution.
What Is Added To Your Pills?
Next you really need to know what your pollen pills contain.
This is important for two reasons.    First, you want to know that most of your supplement is actually made up of the pollen substance to ensure that you are getting the amount of nutrients you are looking for when taking these supplements.    Second, because it is possible for you to have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient in it, you need to be aware of that before you take the supplement.    How Is The Supplement Processed?    You also need to visit the producer’s official website and learn how the supplement is processed.
Is it processed in such a way as to keep the integrity of the nutrients so that you can get all the potential health benefits?  Finding the right bee pollen pills to supplement your diet is important to your health. Choose carefully for your own benefit and well-being.
P.S After using bee pollen pills you might want to give your body some rest. Although it can be a problem if someone was disturbing you with their snoring. However Zquiet can help you. Learn more about Zquiet and its benefit here.    As well you should look at more natural supplement like Kiwi Fruit. A great product that offers heath benefits such as lowering the risk of eye disease. Check out and visit the website here to learn more.

Ways to Maintain the Right Posture

The right posture is not only when you are standing or sitting, but it should also be practiced no matter what type of movements you make. After all, the effects can be very difficult on your health if you try to ignore any existing problems you may have about your back or neck, which may only be caused by bad posture. In fact, there are those who even take medications with the hopes of improving their situation, yet they barely get permanent solutions to it since the root of the problem is never addressed.

You see, there is no shortcut to getting better posture. The thing is, you will need to make it a habit to develop the right alignment of your spine, which can lessen chances of pains and discomfort. Wholesome practices and all-natural techniques all contribute to a well-aligned spine that leads to optimum health.

The following are some pieces of advice that you may want to keep in mind, so you can reduce your risks of premature wear and tear of your body.

  1. Proper Way of Sleeping in Bed

Even if you think you have it good because of the best posture brace that you are using, it is still pretty much useless when you still perform the same unhealthy habits when sleeping. The idea is to get a firm type of mattress that will keep your spine well-supported. In addition, it is better ot have the right pillow such as a cervical pillow that will cradle your head and neck.

Basically, it is up to you when it comes to the sleeping position since your personal comfort matters. Just be sure to avoid adding stress on your neck and back, which is typical when you sleep on your stomach. Hence, it may be better to sleep either on the side or on the back. For sleeping on the side, just prop a pillow in between the legs. When sleeping on your back, put a pillow or lumbar roll just below the lower back region.

  1. As you drive

It can get quite uncomfortable when you drive in a long distance, particularly when the traffic is severe. The last thing you want to happen is to get stuck on your seat and start experiencing all sorts of pain and discomfort along the way. Even before you find yourself in this situation, be sure to do something about it by performing the right techniques. For instance, position a lumbar roll or any rolled up towel on the seat, which will help support the lower back. You should also adjust the seat accordingly, as this will allow you to reach the pedals comfortable without stretching necessary. Whenever you lean forward, correct yourself right away to prevent stress on the neck.

  1. Lifting and Carrying

This is very important among those who usually have to lift or carry heavy loads all day. To prevent undue stress on the back and neck, make sure you split the heavy parcels in two smaller loads. This will give you a chance to hold and balance the load on both hands. If you carry a backpack, be sure the load is not over 10 percent of your weight to prevent back pains.

With these pieces of advice, you should be able to achieve excellent posture and great health for your maximum performance each day.

Top Three Benefits From Pueraria Mirifica

Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#7030A0″>Pueraria Mirifica
mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#222222″> can be your best
recommendation. When you want to get benefits and good effects from traditional
plant, Pueraria Mirifica can give you so many positive sides you won’t regret
to get. Also known as Kwao Kroa, Pueraria Mirifica is a plant found in northern
Thailand, and often used as traditional medicine and nowadays as cosmetic
products and herbal supplements. So if you want to know top three benefits from

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Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#222222″>Yes, it’s true.
It’s not a joke and so many women prove how this plant works nicely to enlarge
their breasts. There have been so many studies done that Pueraria Mirifica can
give big benefit about breast enhancement. So many women recommend
Pueraria Mirifica as great alternative to increase their breast size in natural
way. Although there is a safe guarantee about using Pueraria Mirifica, of
course there are some written rules about using this formula for enlarging your
breast size. Pueraria Mirifica usually available in suplements like capsules.
Maybe now there are some gels or creams with Pueraria Mirifica formula, but
people often used Pueraria Mirifica in capsules, liquid or powder. Not only to
increase breast size, some studies said Pueraria Mirifica can reduce stretch
marks for women in middle-ages. To increase brease size you can use a Pura Femme suplemen or Dr Susan Cream

Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#222222″>

Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#222222″>For women or men
with hair problems and want to improve hair growth, use Pueraria Mirifica can
be the best consideration. After improve your hair growth, Pueraria Mirifica
will make your hair look shine and smooth perfectly. For women with fat
problems, Pueraria Mirifica also can help to make you lose your weight
font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#7030A0″>Pueraria

Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#222222″>Not only about
enlarge your breast size or weight loss, Pueraria Mirifica can be the greatest
solution to make you get better skin. Pueraria Mirifica can help to improve
your skin look younger, lighter and softer. Can be used for women with aging

Arial;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#222222″>So what do you
think about using Pueraria Mirifica? For beauty treatments to protect and
improve your skin, to enlarge your breast size or to lose your weight. Some new
studies also tell how Pueraria Mirifica works nicely to help problems like
menopause, low libido or osteoporosis. We can say, Pueraria Mirifica can be
your best solution with so many benefits inside the formula! Try it and prove


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It goes without saying that anything with merits has some kind of demerit in it. Estrogen blockers for men may have a variety of side effects, especially when an overdose is taken, a product is not chosen wisely, or if an individual has some underlying kind of chronic ailment. Side effects and possible risks may be short term or long term depending on the severity of the matter. They may also range from mild to severe. These products, whether in form of medication formulae, or in form of supplements, should strictly be taken as per the directions of use or as per the pharmacist’s prescription, just like you do with meds.

estrogen blocker

Short term side effects

These are effects that can be expected to be temporary, subsiding after a while. These include dizziness, fatigue, speech problems, blurred vision, and chest pains. There are products which include other ingredients in the formula to deal with these kinds of mild side effects. Always read the container or enquire to find out what to expect in the case that you follow directives.

Joint and bone issues

There is also an increased risk of developing joint problems such as arthritis, joint pain and osteoporosis. Administration of estrogen blockers for men with improper use may also lead to decrease in the rate of bone maturation and growth, especially where overdose has been taken. Prolonged use may also expose the individual to other adverse effects of the joints and bones. These are long term effects that may require treatment of their own. Why wait for that when you can avoid it altogether by following instructions.

Kidney and liver functions

The kidney and the liver are some of the most important organs in the body of a human being. With improper use, or use of the wring estrogen blockers for men, there is an increased risk of developing adrenal issues including kidney failure in worst case scenario. Just imagine what you would do or what do with a dysfunctional liver. Digestion, absorption, detoxification and deamination functions can mess you if only you are not on the lookout.

Other health issues

Estrogens and testosterone are both sex hormones for female and male respectively. Taking estrogen blockers for men without properly following the directions of use may predispose the individual to a higher risk of developing infertility side effects or sex related issues later in life. Some individuals are also seen to develop an aggressive behavior as a consequential circumstance.

The negative side effects discussed above should not worry you at all as long as you select an FDA approved product and consult your doctor before going for one. These are just risks that you stand to face if incase you do not follow the correct prescription. In fact this is a common case that applies also to other medicines or health products.

The Focus T25 Gamma Phase Calendar

In month 3, gamma stage nonetheless, is the exemption to the focus T25 and is an additional workout system. The Gamma workout timetable Focus T25 Calendar is an additional 5 day every week workout for a further 25 minutes, yet this time for a sum of only 4 weeks.


This another set of Focus T25 Workout Calendar was then made by the request of those who just finished the 2 phases of this program, yet still wants to do more intense workout. That’s why Shaun T launch again this fabulous Pure Gamma Calendar and Pure Strength Hybrid Calendar. Together, they structure the Gamma Phase which can be purchased independently from the two stages. Purchasing Gamma Phase is optional, if you really want to do more intense and you can afford to buy this, then its for you.


Each one spotlights on a particular objective and which schedule you pick relies on upon your objective and what you need to accomplish with the gamma workout. In the event that your objective is to get the results immediately, then the pure gamma Focus T25 Calendar is for you. While both timetables will get your tore and help you carve lean muscles in a brief time, the pure gamma gets you there quicker. The pure strength hybrid, on the other hand has an extra advantages of helping you fabricate strength.


The Gamma Phase on Focus T25 Calendar has the following focus:


> Ript Up This workout is designed with the upper body in mind. Expect to strengthen and develop your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest with these 360 upper body moves.

> Extreme Circuit This total body circuit works best when recommend dumbbells, used with light weights to build muscle while burning fat.During the warm-up and throughout the entire workout, the weights never touch the ground.

> The Pyramid Definitely one of the hardest workout in this cycle. This is basically 25 minutes all out endurance test for you.

> Speed 3.0 Continuing on from speed 1.0 and 2.0. Speed 3.0 is a more intense cardio workout that has a layouts dvd speed 2.0.The workout is demanding, but you will burn a lot of calories.


This Phase is a combination of the Insanity workout program and the Focus t25 that burn maximum amount of calories and build you strong, lean and sexy muscle. This phase comes up with a Calendar to help guide you through the workout by providing you precisely which activities to do and on what days. Anyway, this Calendar is a bit diverse. It is a mix of the quality based workouts from ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA set up together with the objective of helping you to carve lean, strong muscle in a brief period of time. In this way, in the event that you have done the Alpha and Beta, you are presently going to join a portion of that workouts here with the Gamma Focus T25 Calendar.

Link below is a downloadable link of the Pure Gamma Focus T25 Calendar and the Pure Strength Hybrid Calendar. Feel free to click and download it here.

Gynexin Overview – Will it Really Work

Gynexin is actually a organic tablet to treat man breasts. A lot of men are suffering from this specific detrimental as well as unpleasant situation.

And so the reality is actually the fact that a large number of adult men endure gynecomastia, also referred to as men breasts. Those who have these understand that these make you sense self-conscious. Concealing moobs is not actually a choice. That is why guys tend to be regularly looking for approaches to treat it. Yet the actuality is that excess fat is definitely stored all-around chest muscles – that is why it’s not all too easy to remove it. How about dieting and exercise? They are fantastic but they’re not enough to let you eliminate gynecomastia.

Gynexin can be described as remedy which is natural and will help you get rid of this particular embarrassing ailment. Virtually no unwanted side effects result from Gynexin as it is a natural supplement that is a good deal less costly than a risky surgery treatment. Plus, in accordance with many Gynexin reviews, the actual remedy works.

This particular product was launched a while in the past and due to that you will discover a great deal of Gynexin reviews on the internet. There is not a greater product to shed moobs naturally when compared with utilizing Gynexin. Right after reading numerous Gynexin reviews we have found a great deal of testimonials that established the assertion that Gynexin producers make about their product helping to decrease the excess fat tissue all-around chest. Many supplements happen to be built to acquire just as much money as is possible however the Gynexin is unique and it’s also verified not only by Gynexin reviews but in addition by the fact that this particular supplement was released a long time ago and is nevertheless obtainable.

A single buyer made a Gynexin review stating that this individual purchased Gynexin as being a final effort to minimizing his male breasts by natural means prior to opting for surgery treatment. In the Gynexin review this individual mentioned the fact that he is happy he failed to proceed through with the surgical treatment, simply because Gynexin effectively diminished the particular fatty cells around his breasts.

Gynexin has been created by means of high experienced and qualified nutrition experts and health care researchers. It is the earliest as well as most used pills for lowering moobs. The formulation employed in producing these types of pills has expanded its recognition in latest period and almost every Gynexin review is favorable for this product. No harm will be caused to your physique when utilizing Gynexin.

Many purchasers in their Gynexin reviews have shared a lot of successes. Similar to any supplement, there are some those who did not find it helpful. However generally there are only a few bad Gynexin reviews and the majority of Gynexin reviews are generally favorable.

Many adult males that purchase and make use of Gynexin report seeing final results within 3 to 6 weeks of commencing the actual dietary supplement with frequent exercise. You’ll find lots of strengths about Gynexin. A number of them are: 100 % natural ingredients, easy to use, suggested by means of medical professionals and the like. Do you know the negatives you could ask? Well, it will take some time period to get the Gynexin delivered to you by way of postal mail. Health supplements like these are a great substitute for cosmetic surgery for men. You will get a great deal of confidence after you are going to lessen your man breasts with the help of Gynexin.

Reasons Why You Should Use Garcinia Cambogia

Ever since some diseases were tagged to lifestyle and the type and amount of food people eat, the weight loss movement has never lost momentum with varying degrees of results.

Many diets and weight loss programs have been formulated each promising benefits, some true and some not so true. This has led to suspicions whenever a new remedy to obesity and excess fat comes out. One thing remains true however, that losing weight is positive step towards a healthy life.

One remedy that does deliver what it promises is Pure Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia, which is known as the Malabar tamarind is a pumpkin shaped tropical fruit. Over 40 years ago, it was discovered to have an acid called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which has been acclaimed as the next big thing in weight loss diets.

It should be noted that that you will only get the desired results if you buy the Pure Garcinia Cambogia. This is because there are plenty of inferior brands in the market.

Why you need Garcinia Cambogia to aid your weight loss program

Any weight loss professional will always recommend a natural supplement over a synthetic one or those supplements that need a prescription to buy. So You only need to make sure to find the best garcinia cambogia to buy. Why is that the right move?

This product in its pure form is 100% natural and if it has side effects they are too mild and too few. It is an appetite suppressant. This is what it is well known for. It will keep you eating less because it makes you feel satisfied with a lot less food than your normal intake. You will also use it to keep hunger away all day which results in less food consumed.

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the world’s plants with the most antioxidants. This makes it very good in burning fat. This means that in due course, you will notice a drop in weight as well as reduced appetite without the craving associated with some diets.


You will end up feeling more energized too because its antioxidants will burn excess fat and give you energy.

Safe use

As with any supplements and diets, it is wise to speak to your doctor to give you a direction on the matter. The reviews from nutritionists have given it a clean bill of health as well as high points in its effectiveness.

The fact that it does not contain stimulants means that you can use it together with other diet plans without the risk of a reaction.

Side effects

Used in the pure form, it is unlikely that you will experience any side effects. With the inferior brands however, you never know what they contain and what effect they will have on your body.

Staying with the pure Garcinia Cambogia is your best bet for a side effect free usage.

Four Reasons Why You Should Avoid Skin Whitening Creams

In many parts of this world, lighter and fairer skin is considered a beauty standard. This is why the trend of using skin lightening and bleaching creams in these societies is more common as compared to other countries of the world.

In the quest to look more beautiful and enjoy a more vibrant skin, a lot of people use skin whitening creams as a regular part of their beauty regimen. However, their improper and non-prescribed use leads to several skin-problems that most of us are not aware of. Some people also use it to get rid of warts or skin tags.

Following are five reasons why you should avoid using skin whitening creams, especially the ones coming from unknown manufacturers or brands.

1: Contains Harmful Ingredients: Many skin lightening creams, especially the ones in flea markets or neighborhood beauty stores can contain illegal and banned substances like hydroquinone, steroids, corticosteroids and mercury, which are extremely harmful for our skin.

Unmonitored and frequent use of steroids and Hydroquinone can result in thinning of skin, uneven skin color, redness, irritation and blotchy appearance. On the other hand, mercury can result in mercury toxicity leading to conditions such as depression, weight loss, memory loss etc.

2: Clogs Pores and Leads to Acne: Most people use skin whitening creams daily at night and keep making a thick coat on the skin. The skin needs to heal at night, and not letting it breathe during this time can stimulate sebaceous glands to produce more oil, clog the pores and result in mild or serious acne.

3: Can Result in Over Pigmentation: If you use Hydroquinone continuously for longer than three months and in quantities higher than 2%, you increase the risk of permanent skin bleaching. Over-use of skin whitening creams results in exogenous ochronosis, the permanent darkening of skin.

Moreover, it can also stimulate the skin cells to have negative reaction of building over-pigmentation on areas such as ears, fingers, toes etc. which leads to skin discoloration.

4: Develops the Risk of Skin Cancer: Constant use of skin whitening creams can also develop skin cancer. Not only the harmful ingredients but the thinning of the skin around the eyes, also contributes to develop skin cancer at some time in life.

When you expose your thin skin under the sun for years, the harmful UVA and UVB rays penetrate deep into the skin layers leading to various harmful types of skin cancers such as melanoma.

‘Black is always beautiful’ but if you still want a lighter and whiter looking skin, think of using some natural and harmless products over buying fancy skin whitening formulas, unless they are recommended by some qualified dermatologist. For this purpose, ingredients like Glycolic acid, Kojic acid, citric acid, Arbutin and Vitamin A and C are really helpful.